I’ve been in the design business for a long time and have also decorated clients homes for the holidays. So when you do hundred upon hundreds of the same go to design for Christmas, it forces you to try to be unique sometimes and do things that go beyond the usual. I don’t decorate my house for all holidays and am in awe of those who have the actual time (and storage space 😂) to do so. But Christmas? It’s on around here and my motto of “less is more” gets its butt kicked to the curb for a few months. Yes, I said few months. I try to have it all done by around November 10 because we start our client Christmas decorating on Nov 15 and the very last thing I want to do after a long day of garland, flock and glitter is to decorate my own home. And with as much time as it takes to put it up, why not enjoy it longer than 4 weeks! But trust me, by Jan 1 I am motivated to take it all down.

Last year I wanted a big “wow factor” but still elegant and somewhat traditional and didn’t want to spend more than $100 on new decor. Always looking for beautiful budget friendly alternatives. Enter, the cheap party supplies online; Paper fans, lanterns, stars, and pom poms. They’re so easy to use, take up visual space and are fun and whimsical! When you take them down, they just fold up and go back into the box! Add some ornaments and lights and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous garland for your banister or mantle. You can put them in the tree too! Don’t want whites and creams like mine? Go for it with the color of your choice!

Helpful hint when using garland on a banister: get pipe cleaners. Someone informed me last year that they’re now being called “chenille stems”. Whatever. They’ll always be pipe cleaners to me. 😂. They’re soft, don’t damage your wood spindles or banister and are bendy.


Come say hi on Instagram and see what I do for Christmas THIS year! I’ve got plans, people! 😂. www.instagram.com/Nifty.Nest

— heart  Erin